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18th May 2021

Nerve Pain in Foot? 7 Clinically Studied Vitamins You Must Take

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
Nerve Pain in Foot? 7 Clinically Studied Vitamins You Must Take

Nerve pain in your foot can have an impact on daily living, and if it's left untreated nerve pain may interfere with enjoying your regular activities in life.

Some symptoms that you may experience are sharp, stabbing pain, numbness, weakness, tingling sensation, alongside the loss of heat and cold sensations, commonly seen in the hands and feet. If you are feeling these symptoms, you are probably suffering from a condition that is known as peripheral neuropathy. 

One of the most common leading causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes. Although, nerve damage can also occur by an injury, trauma, autoimmune disorders, infections, alcohol use disorder, and some medications. Neuropathies are most seen in the hand and feet but can affect other parts of the body as well. 

Nerve pain in your foot is a very painful condition that can affect simple activities such as taking a walk through your neighborhood. As first-line treatment options for this condition doctors may recommend physical therapy such as stretching, over-the-counter pain reliever medications such as Advil or Naproxen, corticosteroid injections to help manage the symptoms, or a pill-prescribed medication such as gabapentin, duloxetine, or pregabalin. 

If you haven’t had much success with medicine, we recommend supplements.* They are an excellent option since they have fewer side effects and help to nourish and support your body.* We recommend the use of pharmaceutical-grade supplements to ensure optimal dosages and better quality such as Neurazenx.*

Below, we will review the top 7 clinically studied vitamins that you must might want to take to help with nerve pain in your feet.


1. Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine)

Vitamin B1, known as thiamine, is the best vitamin for nerve growth and healing due to its antioxidant activities, and the role in neuronal excitability and metabolism. Benfotiamine is a great antioxidant because it helps to prevent nerve damage which is one of the risks associated with diabetes. The most important function of thiamine is that it contributes to the cellular energy metabolism which helps to provide energy to nerve cells. Benfotiamine is directly involved in nerve stimulation in a non-coenzymatic way because of its ability to control ion channels. As a result, benfotiamine has a crucial role in protecting the peripheral nerves and brain from the consequences of diabetic neuropathy. 


2. Magnesium

Magnesium is involved in nerve physiology. Studies have demonstrated that supplementation of magnesium can prevent neuropathy from advancing. Boosting the body’s magnesium levels may help alleviate nerve damage. Also, magnesium can improve nerve generation and neurological recovery.  And it gets better, magnesium is used as a pain reliever since it helps to relax the muscles.


3. Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALA) is a great antioxidant that can help prevent nerve damage and reduced inflammation. Studies have found that ALA helps to reduce pain, paresthesia (tingling sensation), and numbness. Also, small studies have shown that alpha-Lipoic Acid may prevent the progression of diabetic neuropathy.  Very important to know that the recommended dose for nerve pain  is 600 mg per day. 


4. Folic Acid (L-methylfolate calcium)  

L-methylfolate calcium is the active form of folic acid, which stimulates the production of nitric oxide synthase, thereby increasing blood flow to the peripheral nervous tissue and helping to resolve symptoms of nerve damage. 


5. Acetyl L-carnitine

Acetyl L-carnitine induces the regeneration of injured nerve fiber, reduces oxidative stress, and promotes neurite extension. In other words, it helps to reduce the pain and inflammation, increase the number of nerve fibers and improve the quality of regeneration. Several studies have shown a great reduction in painful neuropathic symptoms. 


6. L-Arginine

L-arginine has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, it helps with the pain and symptoms of neuropathy. Something very interesting about this vitamin is that a research study was done in diabetic neuropathic rats to see the effects of L-arginine supplementation. The results were quite fascinating, they found out that L-arginine prevents allodynia (pain of the touch that does not normally cause pain) and hyperalgesia ( pain sensitivity). 

Better news about L-Arginine, another study was done in 2010 proved that it has anti-aging effects and it also reduces cardiovascular risk, erectile dysfunction and helps the immune system. 


7. Curcumin (Turmeric)

Curcumin, known as Turmeric, is an Asian cooking herb. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-analgesic effects. Curcumin helps to relieve symptoms of neuropathy such as numbness and tingling sensations. A 2013 research study done in rats with chronic constriction injury of the sciatic nerve showed that treatment with Turmeric during the early stages of peripheral neuropathy can prevent the progression of neuropathic pain. Nowadays, most supplements are using curcumin in their formula because of its benefits.

Vitamins For Nerve Pain In Foot: Takeaway Message

What if we tell you that you can have all of these vitamins in just one pill? Neurazenx has it all and is the best solution for your neuropathic pain.* It has been formulated by podiatrists, pharmacists, and nutraceutical specialists with highly recommended and clinically proven nutrients.*

Most doctors would give you a list of the vitamins and minerals that are best for you and you need to consume for your neuropathic pain.* But isn’t the best way to have them all in just one pill? We advise you to talk to your healthcare practitioner before starting any supplemental product to treat neuropathy. 

Authored by: Grecia Gines



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