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24th May 2021

What To Expect After Breast Augmentation: The Next Days, Weeks, Months

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
What To Expect After Breast Augmentation: The Next Days, Weeks, Months

Whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or health purposes, breast augmentation is the most popular surgical procedure among women. While many look forward to their bodies post-surgery, cautionary measures need to be taken during your breast augmentation recovery period.

To avoid infections, to prevent the implants from shifting and moving out of place, the following few weeks right after surgery are crucial. However, once you fully recover, you can then relish in joy and excitement over your new body.

Below, we will cover some of the timeline and what to expect after your breast augmentation, including the following days, week, and months, along with a few tips for a swift recovery. 

What To Expect After Breast Augmentation

During the surgery, your surgeon will create an incision under the breast, the arm, or around the nipple to insert the implant. Once this is done, they then close the surgical cut with surgical tape or sutures. 

Given the anesthesia and operation, you’ll feel pain, swelling and possible nausea after your breast augmentation. However, this should dwindle a few hours after surgery.

The next few days after breast augmentation surgery

For the following days after your surgery, it’s normal for your breasts to swell and to feel uncomfortable levels of pain. Due to this, some surgeons may prescribe painkillers for you or you can purchase over-the-counter pain medication as well. It's important to avoid any straining activities or anything that requires a lot of movement. 

The next few weeks after breast augmentation surgery

After a few weeks and with your doctor’s permission, you can start doing light activities like brisk walking and carrying light objects. Heavy lifting and intense movements are still off-limits at this point. Additionally, pain levels at this point should have decreased and your breasts should feel fuller and firmer as well. 

The next few months after breast augmentation surgery

Generally, after 2 months, your breasts should have fully healed, and you can participate in everyday activities. Your doctor will also do a follow-up to assess your breast augmentation recovery. 

5 Tips for a quick breast augmentation recovery period


1. Clean the wound

If you’re looking for a quick breast augmentation recovery, always follow the wound care instructions recommended by your doctor. Every patient and procedure is different. Some patients may need a drain, while others have removable or absorbable stitching. As such, doctors layout specific post-care instructions based on each case.

To prevent infections, wash the incision with warm water and soap. Try your best to keep the area dry as well. 

2. Wear a sports bra

After surgery, your doctor will most likely provide you with a sport or surgical bra to wear. Your implants will need time to settle in your breast tissue. Sports bras help support the implants and ensure they stay in place (it's also extremely comfortable). As such, you'll need to wear these bras during the entirety of your recovery period. 

At all costs, you want to avoid wired bras. The wire can cut into your scar which slows down the recovery and it can change the shape of your breast. 

3. Take your vitamins

The incision from your breast augmentation needs time to heal and repair itself. Certain vitamins can make that recovery process even quicker.* From vitamin C, D, A and E to L-arginine and L-glutamine, they all play a role in the wound healing process.*

But what does that exactly mean? When the skin rebuilds itself after a scar or a wound, it needs certain minerals to aid in that process. The production of collagen, the prevention of infection and the creation of skin cells all require these minerals and vitamins.

While you can consume these vitamins and minerals through your daily diet, a multivitamin like WoundVite has all the nutrients necessary for wound healing.* It comes packed with 21 pharmacy-grade minerals and vitamins that are clinically proven to speed up wound recovery.*


4. Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated

It’s normal after breast augmentation surgery to feel exhausted. Make sure to get plenty of rest, eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of fluids to ensure a speedy recovery. Since you still need energy throughout the day for daily activities, getting plenty of rest will help with that. 

If you have trouble sleeping because of the swelling, you can place a cold pack or rub ice on your breasts to reduce the swelling sensation. 


5. Know when to workout and when to rest

If you work out regularly, avoiding exercise may be a difficult thing to do. Just know that it's essential for breast augmentation recovery. However, during the first few weeks, you can do light workouts, but you should avoid anything that involves a strain to your chest or arms. After you get clearance from your doctor, you can begin doing more intense physical workouts. 

Life post-surgery requires the first few months of taking care of our incisions and implants. While you’re looking forward to your new body, taking careful steps after surgery will make sure you have a seamless and speedy recovery.



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