12th April 2024

Wegovy Face: Can Using Wegovy Really Change Your Face?

Dr. Jill Barat, PharmD
Wegovy Face: Can Using Wegovy Really Change Your Face?

Some people are noticing a less-welcome effect from using GLP-1 inhibitor weight loss medications like Wegovy.

This effect is being termed “Wegovy face”, and people are claiming that their facial appearance has been changed due to using this medication.

Below, we will let you know just what “Wegovy face” might look like, why this can happen to some people, and tips for helping to avoid this effect.

What is Wegovy face?

Wegovy face is generally considered an increased sagging, hollowing out, or a general aged appearance from looser skin on the face.

Some people are noticing that their face is less full at the cheeks, temples, or around the eyes, making the face look somewhat sunken in or gaunt.

In general, this is not a welcome adjustment to the facial appearance and may make some people look older than they did previously, develop sagging jowls, or increase lines and wrinkles around the face.

Why can “Wegovy face” happen?

“Wegovy face” can happen when people lose a significant amount of weight rather quickly. And, this issue is not related to Wegovy alone, and is not something to do with the medication itself, rather it’s just what can happen when people lose weight fast.

Basically, as someone slims down quickly, fat is lost incrementally all over the body, including in the face. Since your facial volume is actually based on relatively small amounts of facial fat under the skin, even a small change here can produce noticeable differences in how you look.

Also, if fat is lost in the face very quickly, it can be harder for the skin to adjust and resize fast enough to provide the same taut look – leading to sagging or extra skin.

Loose skin or wrinkles on the face from weight loss may be more likely in people who are older, since your skin naturally has less collagen and elastin with age.

How can you help prevent or manage “Wegovy face” when using this medication?

If you are using GLP-1 medications like Wegovy and you want to try and avoid the look of Wegovy face, there may be a few steps you can take.

Firstly, try to give your skin plenty of hydration each day by drinking enough water. This can help with the plumpness and resilience of the skin. This may help you reduce the look of sagging or fine lines. Dehydration itself can also cause sagging and fine lines, and if you are eating and drinking less, this can also be a factor.

Also, making sure that you are eating enough protein to meet your needs may help you keep up with those important skin building components and help avoid skin sagging.

Finally, try to follow your prescriber’s guidance on Wegovy use, to avoid losing weight too fast on this medication. The faster you lose weight, the more likely it will be tough for the skin on your face to keep up. This may lead to a higher risk of sagging. Losing weight more steadily and incrementally may help prevent your face from sagging from rapid weight loss, and can be healthier overall.

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