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10th July 2024

Wegovy Constipation: Why This Can Happen and What To Do

Dr. Jill Barat, PharmD
Wegovy Constipation: Why This Can Happen and What To Do

Wegovy is currently a popular medication used to help people lose excess weight, and achieve better overall health. And, while they may be happily dropping pounds due to this medication – it can come along with some unwanted and uncomfortable side effects.

One of the most troublesome side effects of Wegovy is the constipation. Not only can this leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, it isn’t good for your body to not regularly clear out waste.

In this article, we will cover just why Wegovy and similar medications can cause constipation, how this can affect your weight loss journey, and a few tips to help you become more regular again.

Why can Wegovy cause constipation?

Part of the reason behind why Wegovy and other GLP-1 medications can cause constipation is also related to how they work to keep you feeling full.

Wegovy helps to slow down your digestion. This means food leaves your stomach slower, and also transits through your intestines slower. This works out well for weight loss, since those meals are really sticking with you, making it less likely for you to get hungry again right away.

But, as far as constipation goes, this slowed transit is a bad thing. There is less propulsion of food through your intestines than before, and, by the time it gets to the end, it may be dense and hard. This leads to constipation.

Also, if you are taking in less food and calories, you might also be accidentally taking in less water. This can compound the constipation problem.

In the clinical trials, approximately 1 in 4 people using Wegovy reported constipation as a side effect. This is also more likely to start or worsen when you first begin treatment, or just after increasing your dosage.

What are the downsides of constipation while trying to lose weight

There may be some downsides of being constipated that can throw a wrench into your weight loss program. 

Firstly, this may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. This may make you say no to trip to the gym more often, even though exercise is supposed to be paired with Wegovy for the best results. 

The constipation problem may also get bad enough that you don’t want to continue on your weight loss treatment any longer. This will definitely affect how well Wegovy works for you, if it isn’t given a full chance.

How to help relieve Wegovy constipation

To help stay on your Wegovy treatment, and help yourself feel more comfortable, you need to find ways to relieve your constipation stat.

Luckily, there are a few tips that might reduce constipation:

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water – Keeping yourself hydrated is a great way to help with constipation, no matter what the cause is. 

Up your fiber intake – Adults are supposed to be getting at least 25-34 grams of fiber through their food each day. Unfortunately, many fall short here. Even though you might be eating less overall, prioritizing foods that are high in fiber  (plant foods, whole grains, beans), over low fiber foods (meats, cheeses, processed foods), will help up your fiber intake.

Get more movement in – This may not only help your constipation, but it can aid your weight loss journey too. Aim for 30 minutes a day of whatever activity you like, even walking can be a great choice.

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