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05th February 2024

How Long Does Ozempic Continue Working After You Stop Taking It?

Dr. Jill Barat, PharmD
How Long Does Ozempic Continue Working After You Stop Taking It?

Ozempic is a popular medication used for Type 2 Diabetes as well as off-label for weight loss. One of the convenient things about this medication is that it is meant to be used only once a week.

It is possible to only use Ozempic once a week because it has a relatively long half-life, meaning that it stays in your body quite long, and should continue functioning throughout this whole week period.

But, just what would happen if you stop using Ozempic – how long will it stick around and how long will you continue feeling the effects?

Below, we will discuss how long Ozempic lasts in your system, and what to expect if you stop using it.

What is the half-life of Ozempic?

The Ozempic half-life is approximately 7 days. This means that after 7 days, half of the original dose will have been metabolized or excreted out of your body. For example, if your dose is 1mg once a week, after 7 days you should have about 0.5mg still in your body, and after 14 days there should be about 0.25mg left.

How long will Ozempic stay in your system?

The rule of thumb for when a medication is more or less “cleared” from your body is approximately 5 half-lives. 

Since the Ozempic half-life is about 1 week, you can approximate that 5 weeks after your last Ozempic dose it will be more or less gone from your system.

How long will Ozempic continue working after stopping?

Just because a medication is still in the process of clearing your body, it does not necessarily mean that you will still be feeling the effects of it.

Everyone may respond a little bit differently here, but you can expect a gradual decline in the effectiveness of Ozempic over the course of a few weeks. And consider it to be not working at all anymore after 5 weeks (if not sooner).

How can you tell your Ozempic dose is wearing off?

You may be able to pinpoint when your Ozempic dose is wearing off.

Some people report feeling food cravings again as the medication begins wearing off and clearing their system.

Other people may notice that they are able to eat larger portions without feeling as full as they did when using Ozempic, or that their appetite has increased as compared to when they were on Ozempic.

If you were experiencing side effects when using your Ozempic like stomach discomfort, bloating, indigestion, or heartburn – you might notice the side effects subsiding.

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