14th May 2024

Can You Skip a Week of Wegovy?

Dr. Jill Barat, PharmD
Can You Skip a Week of Wegovy?

Wegovy is an injectable medication for weight loss that is meant to be used once a week, without any interruptions.

But, what happens if you are using Wegovy and then life happens? Whether that be you have trouble finding a refill of the medication, you forget to pack your medicine for a vacation, or you are just trying to stretch out the meds you have for longer.

Below, we will cover if it is OK to skip a week of Wegovy, and what might happen in your body or to your treatment plan if this happens.

Why would someone purposely skip a week of Wegovy?

As it turns out, some people might be choosing to skip a week or two of their Wegovy medication for vacations. This is because when Wegovy has mostly processed out of your system, your appetite returns, and you can eat larger amounts without feeling discomfort. This is appealing to some people who want to really indulge on vacation.

Another situation might be if someone has a big important event coming up – something like a wedding, important party, or work trip. In these situations, people may be skipping out on doses (or delaying them for a few days) in order to make sure they aren’t spending too much of the important event with a stomach ache, or in the bathroom. This is more likely for people who are really experiencing these side effects from Wegovy usage.

What happens in your body when you miss a week of Wegovy?

When you miss your weekly Wegovy dosage, your levels of Wegovy will decrease in your body day by day. Since the half-life of Wegovy is approximately 7 days, after a week, half of your last dose will be cleared from your body. This may render your levels low enough that the appetite suppression is not happening any longer. 

If you are using Semaglutide medications also for blood glucose control, this also means that it may not be fully helping to control your blood sugar levels any longer as well.

What are the downsides to skipping a week of Wegovy?

There may be some downsides to skipping a week of Wegovy, whether it was on purpose or an accident.

Firstly, you might stop getting the appetite-suppressing benefits that are meant to help you meet your weight loss goals. You might actually even experience enhanced cravings as the medication wears off, leading to weight gain.

Also, since this medication is usually tapered up over time to help prevent unwanted negative side effects, you might end up having to restart back at a lowered dosage when you begin the medication again. However, this may be more likely if it has been 2 or more weeks since your last dose.

What to do if you accidentally miss your Wegovy dose?

According to the Wegovy website, they give you some guidance if you accidentally miss your Wegovy dosage.

If you miss your dose, and your next scheduled dose to more than 2 days away, you should go ahead and take your Wegovy dosage as usual.

But, if you missed your dosage and your next scheduled dose is less than 2 days away, it is best to just wait for your next dose to resume the medication.

If it has been 2 weeks or longer that you have not had your scheduled Wegovy dosage, you should contact your doctor to figure out where to go from there. They may have you hop right back into your usual dosage, or suggest that you restart back with the starter dosages and work your way back up.

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