14th May 2024

Can You Inject Wegovy Cold?

Dr. Jill Barat, PharmD
Can You Inject Wegovy Cold?

Wegovy is a medication that is normally sold in prepacked injection pens. Once the pen has been used for the first time, you are supposed to keep it stored in the refrigerator as you use up your remaining doses.

So, since this is being stored in the fridge, it will be cold when you take it out to inject it. This may leave you wondering, “Is it OK to inject Wegovy while it is still cold?”.

Below, we will break down if you can inject Wegovy cold and if it will change how it feels or works for you.

Can you inject Wegovy cold?

Yes, you can inject your Wegovy dose while the medication is cold.

There is nothing in the Wegovy official FAQs or package insert indicating that you should not inject Wegovy cold. So there should not be any worry about injecting your Wegovy while it’s still chilly.

In fact, the Wegovy website and package information continually state to store the medication in the fridge, so they are likely assuming it will be chilled while you are injecting. There is no mention of a “warming up” process for this medication before injecting.

What does it feel like when you inject Wegovy cold?

If you are not used to injectable medications, much less cold injectable medications, you might find the sensation of cold injections a little odd or uncomfortable.

While it shouldn’t be unbearable, you might feel a slight cold or stinging sensation of the cold liquid being injected under your skin. This is something that you will likely get used to with time, and a slight stinging or feelings of minor discomfort are normal.

Does the Wegovy temperature upon injection change how well it works for you?

No, there should be no change to the functionality of your Wegovy medication from it being cold when you inject. Although there are some anecdotal reports on forums about symptoms or effects changing depending on whether the medication was cold or not during the injection, this is unlikely and probably just coincidental.

After injecting the medication into your body, it will be changed to a temperature matching your internal temperature very quickly, and there is no reason that the way it works differs because of this.

Can you wait for the Wegovy pen to warm up outside the fridge before injecting?

If you really dislike the feeling of injecting your Wegovy medication while it is very cold, you may be able to leave the Wegovy pen out on the surface at room temperature for a few minutes to warm up slightly before you inject.

However, be aware that when medications are warmer, there is a higher chance of degradation of the active ingredients or microbial growth. So you’ll want to keep this “warm-up period” to a minimum, or just skip it altogether to help keep your medication preserved.

Can you inject Wegovy cold?: The Bottom Line

The manufacturers of the Wegovy pen likely expect that it will be injected cold, since it is stored in the fridge. So, there should be no worry about injecting the medication while it’s chilled. There should be no increased side effects or change to how the medication works for you if it is injected cold. Although, you might feel a slight stinging or cold sensation from the cold liquid as it’s injected in.

If this cold sensation really bothers you, you may be able to let your pen warm up at room temperature for a few minutes before injecting. But, be aware that medications may degrade faster or the risk of microbial growth may increase when at warmer temperatures.

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