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18th February 2021

Breast Injections: The Pros and Cons of This Procedure

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
Breast Injections: The Pros and Cons of This Procedure

For many women, larger breasts make them feel more attractive, confident, and sexy. While breast augmentation surgery continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States, breast injections through fat transfer are a great alternative.

In fact, fat transferring can provide natural results while avoiding the use of breast implants in their body. 

Breast injections can reduce fat in unwanted areas in the body while improving the volume and proportion of the breast. This procedure is performed by the removal of accumulated fat cells in specific areas of the body and then injecting the fat into the breast area. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure and the results tend to last for about five years.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the pros and cons of this breast enhancement option to find out if breast injections are right for you.

5 Pros of breast Injections

1. 100% Natural Fillers

    The fillers used in breast injections are completely natural since they are created with your fat and stem cells.

    These injections are made from unwanted fat removed through liposuction from a specific part of the body. This fat is then combined with stem cells gathered from your blood and then injected into your breasts to reshape and enlarge them.

    These stem cells help the fat assimilate to the new area in your body. To emphasize, there is a low chance that your body will reject these natural fillers because they are made up of your fat and stem cells.

    Many women prefer this procedure versus traditional breast augmentation procedures that use either saline or silicone implants since they are not naturally found in the body. If you feel uncomfortable with putting foreign substances in your body, then breast injections are a great way to enhance the appearance of your breasts. 


    2. Natural-Looking Results

      Implants usually look too round, too firm, and generally unnatural. On the other hand, natural fillers provide results that are more natural in shape and feel. Rest assured that when your surgeon adds fat injections to the breast tissue, the results will be natural-looking breasts.


      3. No Unnecessary Complications or Extra Recovery Time

        For traditional breast augmentations, there are several complications that can occur such as a higher risk of infection or a reaction to anesthesia.

        Implants also carry risks like rupturing, shifting, or collapsing, which can all come with serious side effects and expensive corrective procedures. 

        Fortunately, breast injections do not carry these types of complications because this procedure requires no general anesthesia, scalpels, implants, or recovery time. 


        4. Achieve an hourglass figure

          Surgeons use liposuction to perform this procedure. During liposuction, unwanted fat is removed from a part of the body and then it is injected into the breasts.

          Choosing the breast injection route can give you the advantage of selecting an area of your body with stubborn fat.

          This can result in achieving an hourglass figure with a flatter tummy, smaller waistline, and naturally enhanced breasts.


          5. Minimal scars

            Breast injections are performed when fat is injected into the breast through small incisions.

            When these small openings heal, they tend to leave minimal scars behind that are barely noticeable. These results make the breasts have a more natural appearance.

            5 Cons of Breast Injections

            1. Fat transfer has its limits

              Before considering breast injections, it's important to know that breasts can only be enhanced by one cup size through a fat transfer procedure.

              For those expecting larger breast enhancements should avoid breast injections since this procedure will not provide the results they are expecting. 


              2. The body can reabsorb fat injections

                Plastic surgeons who perform this procedure try to ensure that as much fat survives during the injection process. However, the fat injected into the breast can eventually be reabsorbed by the body over time and essentially diminish the enhancement appearance.


                3. Breast injections do not lift the breast

                  Breast implants tend to provide the breasts with a lifted appearance while fat transfer through breast injections does not provide this appearance. Breast injections can not correct sagging breasts that can be caused by aging, weight loss, pregnancy, or genetics. 


                  4. More expensive

                    Breast injections are more expensive than regular breast augmentation procedures since you are getting liposuction and breast augmentation performed.

                    The cost can fluctuate depending on your location and the surgeon you choose. Breast injections usually cost about $5,000 to $10,000 more than traditional breast augmentation surgeries.


                    5. Medical evaluations or exams can be affected

                      The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery does not recommend injecting fat into breasts.

                      Some medical experts believe that the fat can calcify and affect readings on breast X-rays for mammograms or possibly be mistaken for early breast cancer.

                      Breast Injection pros and cons: Bottom line

                      To conclude, patients who choose the breast injection route are now able to enjoy a rejuvenated appearance without the need for anesthesia, downtime, or severe scarring.

                      Understanding the pros and cons of breast injections will help you decide if this procedure is right for you. 

                      As with any cosmetic surgery, finding a qualified plastic surgeon to perform your breast injections is highly important. Your surgeon will indicate if you are a good candidate for this procedure and explain the results that can be achieved with this procedure.

                      If you decide to commit to this type of procedure, we highly recommend that you take a comprehensive supplement such as WoundVite that can support wound healing and tissue repair as you recover from surgery.