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06th June 2021

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: 7 Tips for an Awesome Recovery

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery: 7 Tips for an Awesome Recovery

Brazilian butt lifts (BBL) are the fastest-growing surgery in America. Year after year, more women yearn for a gorgeous hourglass figure encouraging them to get a Brazilian butt lift.

Anyone who has gotten a BBL or any experienced plastic surgeon, they'll all tell you that the recovery period post-surgery is a critical time. Taking the necessary precautions will limit the possibility of infections. Beyond that, the proper care will ensure that you get the results you want from your Brazilian butt lift.

Before we delve into the tips for a speedy Brazilian butt lift recovery, let’s walk through the stages of the recovery period timeline.

BBL Recovery Timeline

24 hours:

Due to the anesthesia, you might have to stay overnight at the hospital. Right after surgery, it's also common to feel soreness and pain in your buttocks.

1 – 2 weeks:

You may notice bruising and some blood-like fluid ooze from the incision (completely normal). You should be wearing your compression garment day and night while avoiding sitting on your buttocks at all costs.

3 – 8 weeks:

During this time, your doctors may give you the green light to participate in most, if not all daily activities. Depending on your progress, surgeons may advise you to avoid or limit sitting.

8 weeks and beyond:

After 8 weeks, you should notice the full results of your BBL. You can begin heavy lifting again and sit on your buttocks as well.


7 Tips for a Fast Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

While you may want to jump right back into daily activities, you don't want to risk the results from your surgery. Your Brazilian butt lift recovery is the time to take care of your body and overall health. As such, here are 7 tips for a smooth and easy recovery.

1. Avoid sitting

Surgeons often advise you to refrain from sitting on your buttocks for at least 8 weeks after your BBL. Sitting may seem like a harmless thing to do. However, sitting on your buttocks post-surgery can cause the newly transplanted fat cells in the area to shift and die off. This can lead to undesirable results such as indentations in your buttocks and more.

When it comes to sleeping, you’ll want to sleep on your sides instead of your back. There is a variety of sleeping pillows in the market that will keep you in a side position when sleeping.

2. Always wear a compression garment

After your surgery, your surgeon will provide you with a compression garment. This garment will reduce swelling and retain the shape of your new buttocks. You’ll have to wear this for around 8 weeks. However, you’ll wear it less frequently in the later weeks.

3. Take your vitamins

Given the nature of a Brazilian butt lift, you may have some wounds and bruises in areas of the incision. Taking the right vitamins and minerals may speed up the recovery of these wounds.* Here are examples of a few vitamins and minerals to help with the Brazilian butt lift recovery.*

- Vitamin C and A

- L – glutamine

- Zinc

- Iron

All of these vitamins have several research studies that support their efficiency with wound healing. While you can consume all these vitamins through foods, you can get all of these ingredients and more with a supplement like WoundVite.*

This supplement contains 21 different vitamins and minerals that have been shown to help with wound healing and recovery.* Made in the USA, it’s the perfect supplement to get all that you need to heal your wounds post-surgery.*

4. Avoid high-intensity activities

Heavy lifting and intense training should be avoided during the first few weeks after surgery. Any bouncing or swift movements can damage the fat cells in your buttocks right after surgery. Your doctor may give you the clearing to workout again after 6-8 weeks.

5. Remain active

While high-intensity workouts should be avoided, it’s important to remain active during recovery. For example, light walking will help with blood circulation in your buttocks region. It’ll also help reduce the risk of blood clots as well.

6. Avoid smoking

Smoking constricts your blood vessels throughout your body. You don't want this to happen during your recovery. This is because you need your newly transplanted fat cells to attach to your blood vessels to survive. As such, avoid smoking for a few weeks post-surgery

7. Always follow doctor’s advice

Your doctor will always set out clear rules and guidelines to make the recovery period as seamless as possible. You must follow through with each instruction. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary such as excessive bleeding, contact your doctor right away.  The goal is to avoid any infections or complications from the surgery. 

Abiding by these tips will ensure your recovery timeline for your Brazilian butt lift will go by before you know it. Then you can finally rejoice over your new body.



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