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19th January 2022

BBL Recovery: 8 Tips To Help You Heal Properly

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
BBL Recovery: 8 Tips To Help You Heal Properly

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure in which all the fat from the abdomen, lower back or thighs to the buttocks, this changes the shape of the buttocks and also results in a smaller waist since the fat from abdomen is used in buttocks lift.

The BBL is different from conventional Buttocks Implant because a silicon implant is used in that procedure. BBL increased by 52% since 2015, since it gives more natural results. Some of the biggest celebrities and Instagram influencers have used this surgery to look good and have an enhanced look because this is an easy way out, you don’t need to do squats, lunges or any other hard exercises to get your desired buttocks.

After getting a BBL, it is important to follow the recovery instructions from your doctor closely. If you don't, you risk killing the transferred fat cells. This reduces the likelihood of you getting the results you want from the surgery.[1] The guardian states that BBL is by far the most dangerous cosmetic surgery. There are several practices a patient can do to recover from BBL.

Below, we will cover just what happens during the BBL procedure, as well as 8 tips to help you heal fast and correctly.


How is BBL performed?

Woundvite surgery recovery

The BBL surgery includes some basic steps.

The fat is removed from abdomen, thighs and hips. This fat is then purified and then the surgeon injects the fat in specific regions. A local anesthesia is used for the procedure mostly just in the areas where fat is to be removed and where it is to be injected.

The body reabsorbs almost 40% of the fat tissue. After the surgery is performed fat does not regrow in the area it has been removed from and it grows in the area it is injected to. However fluctuations in weight can result in change in desired results thus it is important to maintain a stable weight after the surgery.


8 BBL recovery tips

1. Do not sit on your butt

During the BBL recovery period, which normally is 2 to 6 weeks  you have to sleep on your stomach and while sitting make sure you don’t sit on your butt, to avoid sitting on your butt, normally a BBL cushion is provided, through which the pressure is mostly exerted on the pillow.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is very important to keep balance in life and to get rid of many issues, normally most of us neglect the importance of a healthy lifestyle but specifically in the BBL recovery time it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I.e. taking all the necessary vitamins, adding fruits to your diet, getting rid of unhealthy, fast and junk food. Quit smoking for some time in case you are a smoker, because it can have a serious effect on the recovery process because it narrows down the blood vessels.

3. Wear compression garments

these are type of clothes that fits around the skin tightly and provides support to the body these garments are used by people with slow blood circulation process, after BBL, during the BBL recovery period the blood circulation needs some support and compression garments can provide that.

4. Fat survival

 It is difficult to maintain all the fat taken at the time of the surgery sometimes all the fat is lost if not taken care of, in order to maintain this fat, one has to do whatever the doctor asks you to do and to keep a healthy routine.

5. Physical Activity

While some physical activity is appreciated after BBL to keep the blood running and to keep a person active, much rigorous exercise is not appreciated shortly after the surgery, because the BBL recovery period can be painful at times and such exercises put pressure on the buttocks region, thus for safety maintain a low key and normal physical activity.

6. Showering/bathing

Showering or bathing in the BBL recovery phase is not advisable at all, one should stay as far away from water as possible. After first 5-6 weeks a BBL surgery patient can shower without any risk.

7. Massages

Massages help in blood circulation and lifting the skin, mostly the BBL surgeons suggest good massages themselves for recovery process and it is advisable to get these massages since they help in multiple ways

8. Be Patient

And lastly, one should understand that healing takes time and the body takes much time to heal then we think, thus let your body heal in its own time, don’t rush things, sometimes the swelling lasts for a very long period but that’s just the recovery process.

Every body is unique and everybody has a different healing process so if it takes less time to recover in one body it may take much more in another body, but this should not worry you. This is why there is no set period of BBL recovery period. And the person getting a BBL should go easy on himself/herself.

To help with the recovery process, many top plastic surgeons recommend using an all-natural product called WoundVite to help support recovery and reduce scar tissue formation.* WoundVite contains 21 pharma grade vitamins, minerals and herbs used to help accelerate the surgical recovery process.* It is safe and prescription free too.*


BBL Recovery tips: Bottom Line

After any residual edema has subsided and you have fully recovered, the results are usually finalized within 6 months of surgery. Your curvier buttocks and enhanced lower body proportions will be seen in the way you look and how clothing fits by this point. A Brazilian butt lift is a lucrative operation with long-lasting results when performed by a trained cosmetic surgeon. The best approach to learn more is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. 



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