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29th August 2023

6 Best Liver Supplements 2023

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
6 Best Liver Supplements 2023

Liver health is essential for living a long healthy life, but an unhealthy lifestyle can greatly impact how well your liver functions. Liver disease is common among adults in the Western world and is only becoming more common every year. 

About 24% of US adults have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition in which too much fat accumulates in the liver. This excess of fat can cause damage to the liver and is exasperated or caused by health conditions like obesity and diabetes. 

Currently, there is little medical intervention available for NAFLD. Treatment for liver disease mostly consists of healthy lifestyle changes. However, ongoing research suggests that supplements may be beneficial in supporting liver health and possibly reversing NAFLD. 

In this article, we’ve put together our top 6 picks for liver health supplements. Read more to learn about why liver health is so important, how supplements can be beneficial to your liver, and why we chose the below supplements as our top 6. 


Why Is Liver Health So Important?

Your liver is a vital organ that affects your overall bodily health, from fighting off infection to regulating your energy levels. Your liver’s main job is to process nutrients and metabolize toxins out of your bloodstream. 

Basically, everything that goes through your body (including food, alcohol, cholesterol, medications, and even toxic chemicals in the air), gets filtered through your liver. When you overload your liver with too many toxins, it can damage liver cells and cause sometimes irreversible liver damage.

Damage to your liver causes poor health and in extreme cases, cirrhosis, which leads to liver failure. Those who drink alcohol, smoke, or eat fast food regularly are more at risk for liver damage. 

Supplements are not a cure for liver disease but may aid in detoxifying your liver and other organs. Below are our top 6 picks for liver health supplements and their pros and cons. 

1. LiverWell by Live Conscious


  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Supports metabolism
  • Aids in liver detox
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Contains Siliphos, NAC, and ALA


  • Only available to those living in US


LiverWell is a natural liver supplement by Live Conscious. It contains the key ingredients Siliphos®, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). 

Siliphos® is milk thistle extract, or silybin, in a more bioavailable form. This means it’s more readily absorbed into the body and may be used more efficiently by the liver. Siliphos®, NAC, and ALA work together to help cleanse and rejuvenate the liver and kidney. 

LiverWell’s formula also contains zinc, vitamin C, and selenium, powerful antioxidants that help protect the liver from oxidative stress. LiverWell’s potent formula claims to help support liver detox while boosting metabolism, which may aid in weight loss. 

2. Liver Cleanse by Gaia Herb


  • Guaranteed clean ingredients
  • All natural herb formula
  • Potent formula including milk thistle and dandelion


  • Lacks key vitamins and minerals for liver health


Liver Cleanse by Gaia Herbs is an all-natural plant formula with key ingredients like milk thistle and dandelion root. Gaia Herbs is a trusted natural supplement company that’s been around since 1987. 

Their products are vegan and soy free and all ingredients are screened for pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals. Liver Cleanse contains 14 different herbs like turmeric and artichoke known for their anti-inflammatory and liver support benefits. 

Liver Cleanse supplement contains plenty of great herbal supplements for liver health but is missing key nutrients that could provide better all around liver health support. 

3. Liver Health by Pure Health Research


  • Contains L-cysteine 
  • Made in USA
  • Good mix of antioxidants, herbs, and amino acid


  • More expensive per 30-day supply compared to comparable liver supplements
  • Formula missing key vitamins and minerals for liver health support


Liver Health by Pure Health Research contains potent natural ingredients researched for their effectiveness in supporting liver health. It contains a mix of antioxidants, herbs, fiber, and L-cystine that help to reduce oxidative stress, support a healthy liver metabolism, and improve liver function. 

Liver Health also includes beets in its ingredients list, which may help flush the liver of toxins and naturally increase detoxifying liver enzymes. All-all-all Liver Health is a powerful formula for supporting liver health, but expect to pay more per 30-day supply than other comparable liver supplements. 

4. Dose Support by Dose


  • All natural ingredients
  • Liquid form
  • Includes potent bioavailable curcumin 
  • Improves metabolism


  • Costly
  • Includes limited amount of ingredients for liver health support


Dose is a liquid supplement meant to be taken as little as twice weekly or twice daily in a 2 oz shot. Dose contains ingredients like milk thistle, ginger, and the world’s first bioavailable curcumin, which they claim is absorbed 24x better than other curcumin supplements. 

The all-natural herb formula claims to cleanse your liver of toxins and support metabolism for healthier functioning organs. Dose is available in 16 oz bottles, which holds a total of 24 shots each. 

The liquid supplement can be a great alternative to people who can’t swallow supplements in pill form, but it comes at a pricier cost than comparable liver supplements. 


5. LiverMD by 1MD


  • Includes  TocoGaia™ and Siliphos® two powerful and clinically studied ingredients
  • Doctor formulated
  • All-natural formula 
  • Supports liver health and improves digestion


  • Out of stock frequently
  • Some customers complain of feeling nauseous after taking


LiverMD by 1MD is scientifically-formulated using natural, patented, and researched ingredients. The potent formula helps clear toxins from your system quickly, improve digestion, and eliminate bad bacteria from your intestines, ultimately supporting your liver's health.

LiverMD contains two patented ingredients: Siliphos and TocoGaia. Siliphos is derived from a more bioavailable form of milk thistle extract and promotes healthy liver function. 

TocoGaia is a powerful form of vitamin E with antioxidant properties to support healthy liver function and maintain energy and metabolism.

The patented liver health formula has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing inflammation and alleviating pain related to different ailments. However, some reviews mention taking the supplement may cause nausea. 

6. The Everyday Liver Vitamin by Zen Nutrients


  • All-natural formula
  • Pharmacist and physician formulated
  • Includes 15 clinically researched ingredients for liver health
  • Contains patented extract blend BergacynFF
  • Made in USA


  • Contains only 15-day supply in each bottle


The Everyday Liver Vitamin (TELV) by Zen Nutrients is the only liver health supplement to contain the patented extract, BergacynFF, a blend of bergamot citrus and cynara cardunculus (artichoke). 

These ingredients have been clinically studied for their effectiveness in supporting normal liver fat levels and promoting healthy weight loss. However, each of TDLV’s potent ingredients have been researched for their benefits in improving liver and overall health. 

TDLV is formulated by pharmacists and physicians with the main goal of creating a liver supplement that’s all-natural, safe, and effective for promoting liver health in people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. 

How We Ranked The 6 Best Liver Supplements 2023

Dietary supplements can provide numerous benefits for your liver and overall health. However, not all supplements are created equally. Unfortunately, the supplement industry isn’t closely regulated by the FDA. 

Lack of regulation makes it easier for some companies to falsely advertise their products. This makes it difficult for consumers to truly know what they are getting when they purchase supplements online. 

Fortunately, there are ways for consumers to determine whether a company or brand is reputable with just a little research. To save you time, we’ve done that research for you. 

Every supplement brand on our list was chosen based on whether they follow Good Manufacturing Processes, manufacture their products in the USA, formulate their products in FDA-registered labs, and use third-party testing. 

Aside from this, we also ensured every supplement on this list met the following criteria:

Effective Ingredients

The best liver detox supplements should include ingredients researched and tested for their effectiveness in supporting liver health. It’s not enough to throw in a mix of random herbs and nutrients. A liver detox supplement should include key ingredients known for their benefits on liver health. 

Quality and Potency of Ingredients

The quality of key ingredients is just as important as the ingredients themselves. We chose supplements that use quality, natural ingredients that aren’t diluted or mixed with added ingredients. Quality ingredients ensure your liver detox supplement is safer and more effective. 

Truthful Marketing

Many supplement companies will claim their product can cure or treat certain illnesses. But unfortunately, that’s not how supplements work. Supplements may be backed by clinical studies, but their effectiveness is still being researched. 

It’s also important to note that not everyone will respond to supplements in the same way. An honest supplement brand will be upfront about their product and the results you can expect. 

Physician Formulated

Most of the liver supplements on our list are backed by physicians, pharmacists, and other health professionals. Their knowledge and expertise add reassurance to these products that they are both safe and effective. 

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to gain insight about a product is by reading comments from people who’ve already used the product. Customer reviews help us gain an understanding of what most people will experience with using a supplement. 

Not all products will work for every person, but if most customer reviews are positive, it’s a good indicator the product will work for you also. 

Form of Supplement

Liver supplements are available in many forms including pill, capsule, liquid, and powder. We made sure to include liver supplements in a variety of forms so you can find one that fits your needs. 

Money Back Guarantee

Checking to see if your supplement company offers a money back guarantee is always a good thing. This helps weed out less reputable brands or companies trying to scam you out of your money. Plus, it ensures you don’t waste your hard-earned cash if a particular brand doesn’t work for you. 

Price and Value

Speaking of hard-earned money, look for a liver detox supplement that offers quality and quantity at a reasonable price. Liver detox supplements can range from inexpensive to hundreds of dollars. 

When it comes to buying supplements, the cheapest option is likely not the best quality. However, there are plenty of supplements in the medium price range that offer both value and quality. We made sure each of the liver supplements on our list are priced affordably for the quality they offer. 

What’s the Science and Research Behind Ingredients in Liver Supplements?

The ingredients chosen for the formulas in the above liver supplements are backed by numerous clinical studies for their effectiveness in promoting liver health and reducing symptoms of NAFLD.

Below are some of the common ingredients in liver supplements and what the research says. 

Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke is a plant commonly consumed in Mediterranean diets. Artichokes have been used traditionally as a remedy to improve digestion, promote weight loss, and boost the immune system. 

Artichoke leaf extract is a concentrated form of the plant that may be useful in reducing symptoms of NAFLD. In one study, scientists discovered that supplementing with artichoke leaf extract decreased liver enzymes associated with NAFLD. 

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an herb that’s been used for centuries to support liver health. It contains a powerful antioxidant called silymarin, which helps protect the liver from damage caused by toxins and medications. Studies have shown that milk thistle can help reduce inflammation in the liver tissue, improve symptoms associated with chronic liver disease, and even reduce the risk of developing liver cancer. 

It may also help protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol consumption, although more research is needed to confirm this. In addition, milk thistle can reduce total cholesterol levels and improve overall heart health. Overall, milk thistle provides a variety of potential benefits for those suffering from chronic liver disease.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root has been historically used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of health conditions. Studies have shown that dandelion root can help reduce inflammation in the liver, protect the cells from damage, and stimulate the regeneration of healthy cells. 

It’s also thought to improve bile flow, which helps with digestion and reduces toxins from the body. In addition, dandelion root has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help protect the liver from infections. 

Furthermore, dandelion root may reduce cholesterol levels, which is beneficial for those with fatty liver disease. Finally, dandelion root is a natural diuretic that helps rid the body of excess water and toxins, which can be beneficial to those suffering from cirrhosis or hepatitis


Zinc is an essential mineral known best for its beneficial effects on the immune system. Zinc supports hundreds of bodily processes including antioxidant activity and DNA synthesis.

One clinical trial found that consuming more zinc over time can improve liver function and decrease the risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma, or liver cancer. 


L-cysteine is a powerful antioxidant and an effective detoxifier. It helps to protect the liver from damage and supports healthy liver function. Studies have shown that L-cysteine can improve liver enzyme levels, reduce inflammation, and improve overall liver health. Additionally, it has been found to possess antiviral properties which may help to reduce the risk of viral hepatitis. 

L-cysteine may also help to protect against alcohol-related liver damage, as well as provide a protective effect against toxin-induced liver injury. Furthermore, it has been shown to increase bile production and enhance digestion by improving the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K.


Bergamot is known to have a wide range of health benefits and can be especially beneficial for liver health. Studies suggest that bergamot polyphenolic fraction (BPF) has the ability to protect against liver damage and promote overall health in the organ. 

Bergamot also contains pectin which helps to detoxify the liver. Additionally, bergamot has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can help reduce oxidative stress in the liver and prevent cell damage. 

Studies also suggest that consuming bergamot regularly can improve liver enzyme levels and may even help to improve overall liver health.

Organic Chanca Piedra

Organic Chanca Piedra is an herbal remedy that helps remove toxins and waste from the body, as well as providing essential nutrients to the liver. Research has shown that it can help to prevent or protect against fatty liver disease, hepatitis C, and other toxic conditions of the liver.

The active ingredient in Organic Chanca Piedra is Phyllanthus Niruri, a plant native to the Amazon Rainforest. This herb has been used for centuries as a natural liver tonic and cleanser. 

It works by helping the liver remove toxins through its diuretic action, while at the same time providing essential nutrients to help support healthy liver function. 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps regulate the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, which can help prevent fatty liver disease. Vitamin B12 also aids in the detoxification of the body by supporting the production of glutathione, an important antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative damage. 

Studies have also shown that vitamin B12 may help reduce the risk of developing liver cirrhosis or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Vitamin B12 is also known to help in the production of red blood cells, which can be beneficial for those suffering from liver diseases such as hepatitis and other chronic liver issues. 

Additionally, vitamin B12 helps create a healthy balance of amino acids in the body, which are essential for healthy liver functioning. Finally, vitamin B12 is thought to help reduce inflammation, which can be very beneficial for those suffering from liver-related conditions. 


Studies have shown that L-Methylfolate possesses certain protective effects for the liver. Research suggests that this nutrient may help reduce markers of liver damage, including ALT and AST levels, in patients suffering from chronic liver disease. It may also be beneficial for improving the overall health of cirrhosis patients. 

Additionally, L-Methylfolate may help protect the liver from further damage by improving its antioxidant defenses and preventing oxidative stress and inflammation. In addition to its protective effects, L-Methylfolate may be useful for alleviating some of the symptoms associated with liver disease such as fatigue, anorexia, and jaundice. 

Furthermore, it may help stimulate the production of healthy new liver cells and thus, may contribute to improving overall liver health. 

Coenzyme C10

Coenzyme C10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. This makes it an especially beneficial supplement for those with liver problems, as free radical damage is one of the primary causes of liver disease. 

Coenzyme C10 can help reduce inflammation in the liver and prevent further damage from occurring. In addition, it can help reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis and other serious liver conditions. 

Furthermore, Coenzyme C10 supports detoxification in the liver, helping to rid the body of dangerous toxins and waste products that can accumulate over time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Liver and Supplementation

Q: Are liver supplements safe to take daily?

A: The short answer is yes, taking liver health supplements can generally be considered safe. However, as with any supplement or medication, it's important to consult your doctor before use to ensure they are right for you and won't interact negatively with other medications or conditions you may have. 

Liver health supplements can provide a range of benefits including detoxification support, antioxidant protection, and boosting liver enzyme levels. However, it's important to ensure that the supplement you are taking contains only natural ingredients and is free of potentially toxic chemicals or fillers. 

Be sure to read labels carefully and research any ingredient you don't recognize. Additionally, certain supplements may not be recommended for people with existing liver conditions or other medical problems, so make sure to check with your doctor before taking anything. 


Q: Are there dangerous herbs and supplements to avoid with liver damage?

A: Some of the herbs and supplements that may cause harm to the liver include comfrey, chaparral, skullcap, kava, pennyroyal oil, mistletoe extract, germander, Yohimbe bark extract, ephedra (ma huang), and lobelia. Additionally, larger doses of vitamins A and D should be avoided as they can further impair the liver’s functions. 

For this reason, it’s important to speak with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new herbs or supplements when you have existing liver damage. Some medications that are used to treat liver disease may interact negatively with certain herbs and supplements, so you should always check with your doctor first before taking any supplement. 


Q: How Do Liver Health Supplements Work?

A: Liver health supplements work by providing the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are needed to support healthy liver function. These supplements may also contain herbs and other natural extracts which can help to protect the liver from damage caused by toxins and boost its ability to process and flush away excess waste. 

They may also provide antioxidants which can help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress on the liver, as well as aid in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Ultimately, this helps to improve overall liver health and functioning.


Q: What are the most common reasons for liver problems?

A: The most common causes of liver ailments are alcohol and drug abuse, viral hepatitis, gallstones, obesity, cirrhosis, autoimmune diseases, bile duct diseases, and genetic disorders. Alcohol and drugs can cause inflammation of the liver or lead to a fatty buildup in the organ (fatty liver disease). 

Viral hepatitis is an infection that is caused by one of several viruses and can lead to liver damage. Gallstones can block the flow of bile (a substance produced in the liver) and cause inflammation. Obesity or being overweight can put a strain on the organs, including the liver, and lead to scarring (cirrhosis). 

Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body's own cells, resulting in inflammation and damage to organs like the liver. Bile duct diseases can also lead to liver scarring. Finally, some liver problems are caused by inherited genetic disorders, such as hemochromatosis or Wilson's disease.


Q: What Causes Liver Damage?

A: Liver damage can be caused by a variety of factors. These include excessive alcohol consumption, viral infections such as hepatitis B and C, fatty liver disease, certain medications or supplements, metabolic diseases like diabetes or obesity, autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, excessive iron buildup (hemochromatosis), inherited disorders, and exposure to certain toxins. 

In some cases, the cause of liver damage may be unknown. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. In many cases, liver damage is irreversible and requires professional care to correct the situation.


Q: When is a liver transplant necessary?

A: A: You may need a liver transplant if your liver is severely damaged. This can be due to cirrhosis, an infection, or cancer of the liver. In some cases, you may experience severe bleeding from the esophagus or stomach, which can also lead to a need for a transplant. 

Your doctor will carefully evaluate how much damage has been done to the liver and, if needed, will recommend a transplant. In most cases, you may be put on a waitlist for a donor organ before you can receive a transplant. Your doctor can provide more information about when it is necessary to get a liver transplant.


Q: What is chronic liver disease?

A: Chronic liver disease is a condition that affects the functioning of the liver, resulting in long-term damage and eventual failure. It is caused by a variety of factors including viral infections, alcohol abuse, metabolic disorders, immune system problems, genetic defects, toxins, or medications. 

Symptoms may include fatigue, abdominal pain and swelling, jaundice, and alterations in mood or mental status. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause but may involve medications, lifestyle modifications, or surgery. 

It’s important to seek medical care early to prevent further damage and progression of the disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can help preserve liver function and improve the quality of life for those living with chronic liver disease. 


6 Best Liver Health Supplements: The Takeaway

Your liver plays a vital role in your overall health and wellbeing. Abstaining from alcohol, and cigarettes, while maintaining a healthy weight, and eating a healthy balanced diet are the most effective ways to reduce your risk of liver disease and liver damage. 

However, research shows that certain natural supplements may be useful in protecting against liver damage and possibly reversing some forms of liver disease. Supplements for liver health can be a safe and effective way to preserve your liver health and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Should you consider taking supplements for liver health, be sure to consult with your doctor. Though the liver supplements mentioned in this article were chosen for their overall positive results, note that results may vary from person to person. 



*Disclaimer: The information and advice in this article are not substitutes for medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Any statements regarding the benefits or efficacy of supplements or products in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. The supplements mentioned in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition, disease, or illness.