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07th June 2024

What Should I Expect the First Week of Wegovy? 5 Things To Know

Dr. Jill Barat, PharmD
What Should I Expect the First Week of Wegovy? 5 Things To Know

When getting started on Wegovy for weight loss, you might have a lot of questions. Including what the first week might feel like, steps you should take to prepare for your weight loss journey, and if you will notice any weight loss at this time.

In this article, we will break down 5 things you should know for your first week of using Wegovy.


1. Take this time to figure out the best injection schedule for you

Since Wegovy is meant as a once-weekly medication, it is important to pick out the best day/time when you can stick to your injection schedule. For some people, they may want this to be on the weekends so they can take all the time they need for their injections. Others may find weekdays more convenient. 

Also, consider whether you prefer a morning or evening injection schedule. And note that some people may experience worsened gastrointestinal side effects in the first few days after the injection, and that these may taper off as it gets closer to your next dose. This may influence which day is the best for you.

There is no “better” time or day to inject Wegovy, so just pick the one that works the best for your schedule and one that you can easily stick to without forgetting.


2. You might start noticing appetite and fullness changes in the first week

Starting out fast during week 1 (after just one dosage), you might immediately start noticing some changes. Your appetite may decline overall, and you might find yourself feeling fuller faster, even after only eating smaller portions of food. This is how the medication is meant to work and should not be something to worry about.

You might notice that these effects tend to wear off towards the end of the week (just before your next dose). This is ok, and can happen because you normally start out on a lower dosage of the medication, and it isn’t built up in your system enough yet to effectively cover the whole week. However, full-week coverage tends to come later with the higher dosages and after you’ve been on the medication for a while.


3. You could start experiencing side effects as your body adjusts

Wegovy, and other medications in the same class called GLP-1 inhibitors, can come along with some side effects. Side effects may be more common when you are first starting on this medication, or when you increase the strength of your dosage.

During the first week, just after the first dose, you might already experience side effects including nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, and constipation. Try your best to work through these and manage them by avoiding foods and beverages that could irritate your stomach further. 

You might notice that the side effects are worse in the first days after your injection, and tend to get better towards the end of the week (just before your next dose). This is ok, and similar to why the appetite suppressant effects wear off too.


4. Use the first weeks to start setting up a healthy diet and exercise schedule

While Wegovy can be a great tool to help people lose weight and get healthier, it doesn’t do the full job. In order to maintain long-term health, you will want to use your Wegovy treatment to give you a leg-up to set up a healthy eating pattern and exercise routine that will truly lend itself to a healthy life (even once you’ve stopped using Wegovy).

Setting these healthy lifestyle measures in place while you are using Wegovy is key, because the medication may help reduce hunger, cravings, and general “food noise”. These things can make eating changes a struggle. So, it’s important to capitalize on how you feel on Wegovy to implement these changes that can set you up for a healthier life (without medication).

A focus on whole vegetables, fruits, grains, and plant foods packed with fiber can be a great way to enhance your overall health, while minimizing (or cutting out) processed foods and animal products. Picking an exercise routine that you enjoy and will stick with is key. Try out walking, swimming, yoga, or bike riding for fun ways to get some movement in.


5. You are setting the stages for future weight loss in the first weeks

Most people will not experience immediate weight loss in the first week. Think of the first few weeks as just setting the stage for weight loss and giving you time to set up a long-term plan for health including diet changes and movement.

You will also be spending the first few weeks to months slowly ramping the dosage up to the “maintenance dosage”. When you are up to these higher strength dosages, this is where you should start seeing the weight loss effects. However, don’t rush these, as ramping up too fast can worsen side effects and leave you wanting to quit the treatment entirely. Work with your doctor to find the best titration schedule for you.

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