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08th January 2024

What Is the Life Expectancy With Fatty Liver Disease?

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
What Is the Life Expectancy With Fatty Liver Disease?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease affects millions worldwide, primarily those of us here in the West. 

It’s a condition caused by the accumulation of excess fat in your liver, which can lead to serious health problems such as liver damage, cirrhosis, heart failure, and even liver cancer. 

But what is the life expectancy with fatty liver disease and is there anything you can do to reverse it? 

Keep reading to learn more about fatty liver disease and what you can do about it. 


What is Fatty Liver Disease?

Fatty liver disease is a condition that occurs when excess fat accumulates in the liver. It’s most often associated with alcohol consumption, but it can also develop in people who don’t drink alcohol. 

Fat can build up in your liver due to poor lifestyle choices such as eating in excess and not getting enough exercise. Additionally, you’re more at risk for developing fatty liver if you’re overweight or obese. 


What Are the Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease may not cause any noticeable symptoms early on. You may not know you have fatty liver unless you see a doctor and have them run certain tests.  

However, as fatty liver disease progresses, you may start experiencing symptoms and complications. Some of the most common symptoms of a fatty liver include:

  • Fatigue: Feeling unusually tired or fatigued is a common symptom.
  • Abdominal Discomfort: Some people may experience discomfort or pain in the upper right side of the abdomen.
  • Unexplained Weight Loss: In advanced stages of NAFLD, unintentional weight loss may occur.
  • Enlarged Liver: A doctor may detect an enlarged liver during a physical examination.
  • Dark Urine: In some cases, urine may appear darker than usual.
  • Jaundice: This is a yellowing of the skin and eyes, which can be a sign of advanced liver disease.

Keep in mind that some of these symptoms can be due to other issues not related to fatty liver disease. However, if you do experience any of these symptoms and are concerned about your liver health, consider getting checked out by your doctor. 


What Is the Life Expectancy With Fatty Liver Disease?

If left untreated, fatty liver disease can cause serious complications. In some cases, it can lead to inflammation, scarring, and even liver failure. 

The progression of the disease can vary from person to person, so it’s difficult to predict the life expectancy of someone with fatty liver disease.

However, studies have shown that people with fatty liver disease are at an increased risk of developing heart disease, liver cancer, and other serious health problems. 

This can significantly impact your life expectancy and quality of life. 


What Can You Do To Prevent or Reverse Fatty Liver Disease?

If you are concerned about your life expectancy with fatty liver disease, the most important thing you can do right now is be proactive about your liver health. 

Fatty liver disease can be managed and, in some cases, reversed by making healthier lifestyle choices. 

These include maintaining a healthy weight, following a balanced diet, and avoiding alcohol and drugs that can be harmful to the liver. Regular exercise and stress management techniques such as yoga or meditation can also be beneficial.

In addition to lifestyle changes, medications may be prescribed to help manage fatty liver disease. These medications may include insulin-sensitizing agents, lipid-lowering drugs, and antioxidants. 


Supplements for Fatty Liver Disease

Eating a balanced, healthy diet is essential for preventing or managing fatty liver disease. Healthy foods include fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean sources of protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates. 

These foods contain the fiber and nutrients your body needs to survive and thrive. However, most typical Western diets lack proper nutrients, the same nutrients your liver needs to repair itself. 

Taking dietary supplements can help you get more of the nutrients your body needs for optimal health. Dietary supplements are generally sold in capsule or powder form and consist of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. 


The Everyday Liver Vitamin

Research has shown that certain supplements are beneficial to liver health. Some of these supplements include herbs like milk thistle, artichoke, and vitamins B12 and D.*

The Everyday Liver Vitamin is a dietary supplement formulated specifically for promoting liver health.* It includes potent ingredients studied for their effectiveness in preserving and repairing the liver.*

Taking a supplement like The Everyday Liver Vitamin alongside your doctor-prescribed treatment plan may help promote liver health with fatty liver disease.*


Life Expectancy With Fatty Liver Disease: The Takeaway

Fatty liver disease is a serious condition that can significantly impact life expectancy. However, with early diagnosis and proper management, it’s possible to reduce the risk of further liver damage and improve overall health outcomes. 

If you are concerned about your liver health, speak with your healthcare provider. Together, you can develop a comprehensive treatment plan that considers your individual needs and goals.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.