19th September 2022

8 Must Haves After Knee Surgery

Dr. Devan Patel, PharmD
must haves after knee surgery

If you’re recovering from knee surgery, you’re likely wondering what you can do to speed up the process. Recovery after knee surgery is long and arduous. Who knew having to stay off your knee could be so tiring and boring? Most likely you’re anxious to get back to your pre-surgery activities. Fortunately, there are some products on the market that may help you do just that. 

Below, are 8 must-have products after knee surgery that can make your recovery a little more bearable and potentially reduce your downtime. 

1. Grab Bar

If you haven’t already, install a grab bar in your bathroom and shower. Trying to push it by putting too much pressure on your injured knee too soon can lead to a relapse in recovery.

Make sure you have grab bars set up in your home in key places like the bathroom, shower, or anywhere you are likely to be alone in need of assistance. A grab bar will make your life so much easier and safer during recovery. 

2. Shower Chair

After knee surgery, some of the simplest tasks, like taking a shower, become 100 times more challenging. Placing a shower chair in your shower will help you bathe safely.

Having a place to sit will ensure you don’t place pressure on your injured knee and reduce your risk of a scary fall. A shower chair is a must, especially if you live alone or don’t have someone to help you bathe. 

3. Crutch Pads

Recovery from knee surgery can take months to sometimes years. During this time, you’ll need to reduce the amount of pressure applied to your recovering knee. You’ll need to get used to using crutches daily, especially if you don’t plan on being in a wheelchair. Using crutches often can sometimes make your underarms sore. 

Crutch pads are placed on the part of the crutches that are placed below your underarms. The pads will provide cushioning for your armpits, so they are less likely to get sore. You’ll need these for sure if you have a lengthy recovery ahead of you. 


4. Gel Ice Packs

During your recovery, you’ll need to ice your injured knee. A lot. Icing your injury will help to reduce inflammation and pain. Your doctor will likely recommend you ice your knee multiple times throughout the day. Keeping an ice bag on your knee all day can be uncomfortable. Plus, it melts. A gel ice pack is much more comfortable for longer use and won’t melt. Gel packs are also reusable and stay cold for a reasonable amount of time. 

5. Anti-Scar Cream

Wound recovery involves keeping your surgery wound clean and always dressed. Doing so will help reduce the risk of infection and keep you from experiencing further complications. You should also consider an anti-scar cream. While your surgery wound heals, scar tissue will build up around the wound site. 

If too much scar tissue forms, it may lead to complications in mobility later or make it difficult to keep your knee straight. An anti-scar cream will help to repair skin tissue and keep it hydrated and flexible. Doing so will help reduce the amount of scar tissue that forms, making your recovery a little easier. 

6. Dietary Supplements

Nutrition is an integral part of the wound healing process. After surgery, your body needs plenty of energy and nutrients to properly heal and prevent infection. You should aim to eat a balanced diet on top of taking dietary supplements to boost your intake of vital nutrients.

WoundVite is a multi-nutrient supplement with 21 powerful vitamins, minerals, and herbs known for their benefits in promoting wound recovery.* A dietary supplement like WoundVite can boost nutrient intake while potoentially speeding up recovery and helping reduce inflammation and pain.*

7. Grab Stick

A grab stick is a nifty invention that makes grabbing things out of your reach possible. A grab stick will come in handy when you’re bed or wheelchair-bound and need to reach the remote on the coffee table.

Grab sticks are especially convenient if you live alone and will have less help at home. They can also help reduce your risk of further injury by reducing your risk of hurting your injured knee while reaching for something. 

8. Leg Pillow

Most surgeons and doctors will recommend you keep your leg elevated above your heart while recovering from your knee surgery. Doing so will help reduce inflammation and encourage fluid build-up to drain away from your injury. You can elevate your leg by placing a few sofa or bed pillows below your knee. 

However, a leg pillow designed for post-surgery elevation may be more comfortable and convenient. A post-surgery leg pillow is designed to keep your knee elevated at the proper height and angle. It’s also designed to fit your knee more effectively. You can save your bed pillows for your head and keep your leg pillow separate. 


3 Additional Things to Consider for Post-Surgery Recovery

Besides stocking up on these 8 must-haves for post-knee surgery, there are a few other things to consider for optimal recovery. 

1. Clear and Declutter Your Home

Make sure your home is clean and the walkways clear of any furniture or debris that could trip you up post-surgery. The last thing you need after knee surgery is to trip on your dog’s tennis ball and end up back in the hospital. 

2. Stock Your Fridge with Easy to Prepare Meals

Cooking will be difficult if you can’t stand up for any period. Make sure your fridge and pantry are stocked with easy-to-prepare meals like frozen dinners, canned foods, or pre-made refrigerated meals.

Someone can also help you with meal prepping every few days so that you have fast and nutritious meals ready to go.

3. Ask for Help In Advance

You will need help at some point after your surgery, especially the first few weeks of recovery. Figure out who will be able to help you and when before you head into surgery. Call up your friends, family, and co-workers or make plans for a caretaker to check in on you often. 


Must Haves After Knee Surgery: The Takeaway

Recovering from knee surgery is a lengthy process. It can be frustrating but by preparing well in advance, you will make your recovery experience much smoother. Make sure you have these 8 must-haves after your knee surgery for better recovery.



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