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About Us

Who is Zen Nutrients?

Zen Nutrients is the visionary leader in pharmaceutical-grade nutrient supplements. Our nutrients are physician and pharmacist formulated with high-potency, bioavailable, quality ingredients. At Zen Nutrients, our team of pharmacists and physicians have handpicked the best of the best nutritional ingredients for solutions to various health concerns. We formulate and distribute unique, proprietary supplements developed with the latest scientific health research in mind.

Why we got started?

There is an overwhelming amount of sources identifying natural approaches to wellness. It is nearly impossible to sort out the truly beneficial ingredients for your specific health needs among all the claims and jargon. We believe in the power of natural medicine and have witnessed the health benefits of the holistic approach. We also believe in pharmaceuticals and the standardization of medicine. We know that the best health outcomes will occur with the meeting of naturally found ingredients with pharmaceutical grade standards.

Dr. Devan A. Patel

Co-Founder of Zen Nutrients and innovative medical entrepreneur, Dr. Devan A. Patel has more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Devan is passionate about creating new and innovative condition-targeted supplements to address a wide range of health concerns.

Co-Founder of Zen Nutrients and innovative medical entrepreneur located in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Devan A. Patel has more than two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Devan is passionate about creating new and innovative condition-targeted supplements to address a wide range of health concerns. Based on the vast amount of research that supports natural approaches to wellness, Devan is committed to changing the healthcare industry through Condition Targeted Nutraceuticals that can help people feel better faster while reducing side effects and decreasing costs. His passion for developing unique and effective products is only rivaled by his compassion for patients and their wellbeing.

Devan is driven toward success and boasts a visionary approach to natural supplements. After receiving his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Florida A & M University, Devan has spent more than 10 years working in the Tampa Bay area to create nutrient supplements that combine the best quality of naturally found ingredients with best-in-class pharmaceutical grade standards.

The most prized formulation of Zen Nutrients is WoundVite. WoundVite is currently the most comprehensive oral supplement for wound, scar and post-surgical repair formula in the United States. It has received Amazon's choice high ratings for several categories. Woundvite is a natural, high potency supplement that contains high quality pharmaceutical ingredients supported to improve and accelerate healing from scars, wounds, diabetic ulcers, plastic or general surgery, and other tissue injuries.* WoundVite was developed by a team of pharmacist, physicians and naturopathic doctors to ensure optimal results.

This focus and determination has resulted in Devan holding multiple patent pending formulations, a patented device and registered trademarks focused on healthcare and pharmacy product development.

Devan is the recipient of the Pfizer Outstanding Leadership Award, has contributed to the academic community as a Schering Plough Scholar, American College of Apothecaries Fellow, and Adjunct Clinical Pharmacy Professor at Florida A & M University, University of South Florida, and LECOM School of Pharmacy.

Devan enjoys volunteering as a pharmacist at the non-profit clinics such as the Judeo-Christian Health Clinic Pharmacy in Tampa. He also happily serves his community through the Indo American Foundation of Tampa Bay, a non profit organization focused on creating a more innovative, inclusive and integrative cultural society for children in the current and future generations.

Dr. Krutika Patel

With more than 20 years of experience in retail, hospital settings and research and development, Krutika Patel is a Licensed Pharmacist (RPh.) with a passion for helping people live their best life.

Fluent in five languages, Krutika uses her global experience and international network of colleges to keep abreast of worldwide trends and remain uniquely positioned to bring cutting-edge research and clinical techniques to the Tampa Bay region.

Krutika received her degree from Kings College in London, a leader in Pharmacy and Pharmacology training, where she was honored with several prestigious awards including the Evans Prize in Clinical Research by Glaxo, Smith & Klin

Throughout her career, Krutika has proven time and again her adept abilities to scale business operations, expand market presence and advance sales, as well as stay ahead of market transitions to deliver extraordinary growth.

As comfortable in the C-suite as in the community, Krutika constantly goes the extra mile to better understand the unique elements of any situation and works to empower those around her to live healthy, happy lives. This drive to better the world one person at a time is what motivates Krutika to support local non-profit organizations and people in need

Krutika has been a resident of the Tampa Bay region since visiting more than 25 years ago and falling in love with the Florida sunshine. In her free time, Krutika enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and giving back to her community.