Each tube contains 4 oz. of gel made from:
· De-ionized water
· Aloe Vera Concentrate
· Xylitol
· Elemental silver (nano-particles)
· Carbomer
· TEA for pH adjustment

Product Description
The Wound Relief Gel is an aqueous silver colloid that is gelled and augmented with Aloe Vera and Xylitol. The silver colloid is 45ppm which is a very powerful and effective concentration for fighting: bacteria, fungus and virus. This gel is intended for use anywhere that maintaining an antiseptic region is necessary. The added benefit of the Aloe Vera facilitates wound healing of damaged tissue regions. The Xylitol makes the wound gel unique in that it provides The combination and power of the broad-spectrum antisepsis and wound healing makes this gel far more effective and valuable than currently available antibiotic salves. The water based gel keeps the wound moist during the healing process and encourages granulation tissue formation. Granulation tissue is essentially the ground-work for the reepithelialization of the wound. The silver in the gel stimulates collagen formation and generation of normal, non-scar tissue. During the healing process, the Aloe Vera provides nutrients that are necessary to form healthy balanced tissue cells. Xylitol, a natural sugar, shows promise in healing wounds complicated by Diabetes and other microbial infections. Bacterial biofilms are a major contributor to wound bioburden and interfere with the normal wound healing process; therefore Xylitol has demonstrated an antimicrobial capacity against a clinical wound isolate.